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New York City! (the quiet side) Tim and I went to New York City in September, to get away and to visit his cousin Adam.  I realized when looking through my photos when I got back, that I had been photographing the quiet side of New ... November 23, 2011 / Travel Northwest Wisconsin / Travel Photography There are places in this world that it seems as if time has stopped, or at least slowed way down.  I find these places to hold beauty and nostalgia for a time when I still believed.  I'm not saying th... November 16, 2011 / Travel Summer… July 15, 2011 / Travel California! Here are some photos from my other vacation this year.  We went to California in January to visit our friends Jessica and Joel in Oakland and John and Lesley in Santa Cruz!  I wish it looked like this... March 22, 2011 / Travel Las Vegas! WPPI! I took a couple of vacations this winter (I think it's a requirement if you live in Minnesota).  This one to Vegas was mainly for work.   I went to WPPI which stands for Wedding and Portrait Photograp... March 12, 2011 / Travel Traverse City Michigan and surrounding area! I did actually take a mini vacation this summer, and a month later I finally kind of have time to post the photos!  When I was out in Michigan for my friends wedding I got to site see and see some old... September 14, 2010 / Travel New Orleans! I finally got a chance to do  some traveling last week and went down to New Orleans!  It was 80 degrees and gorgeous!  I saw some alligators up close and in the wild, listened to some great music and ... April 29, 2010 / Travel Driving Across South Dakota Fortunately my husband came along with me to the South Dakota wedding and did most of the driving, well probably all of it, and don't worry, we did get info about traders insurance before the trip! H... April 6, 2009 / Travel Driving Across South Dakota April 6, 2009 / Travel