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Journey To Oregon Days 8 & 9 – Crater Lake National Park I am so saddened that Oregon and other parts of the West Coast are burning so much right now. I can't believe that we were just there and got to see all of these beautiful areas that are now being a... September 14, 2020 / Travel Journey To Oregon Days 6 & 7 – The Coast After our jaunt through the vineyards we drove to the foggy and much cooler coast of Oregon where we camped at Beverly Beach State Park. As we made our way down the coast we stopped at a few differen... September 9, 2020 / Travel Journey To Oregon, Days 3, 4 & 5 – A Tiny Home, Wineries, Cats and… Oculus Anubis Day 3 was a rushed drive across the State of Idaho so we could get to Oregon where we were supposed to camp again but it was so hot and dry at the campsite and after not sleeping well the past 2 nigh... September 8, 2020 / Travel Our Journey To Oregon – Days 1 & 2 This trip took a lot of driving! Done all by Tim, I might have driven for an hour. I definitely think we could have used more time (12 days), but then maybe we would've just crammed in more stuff t... September 4, 2020 / Travel Florida Part II: Fauna Our journey into the Everglades brought us to many beautiful birds and reptiles. I secretly want to be a wildlife photographer! ... March 24, 2020 / Art Florida Part I: Flora March 23, 2020 / Art A Look Back on 2019 January 15, 2020 / Art Badlands, Black Hills & Devils Tower If you follow my personal instagram @winenaturecatgirl then you might know that my husband and I just completed the Hiking Club Trail system through the Minnesota State Parks. So that means that we ... August 6, 2019 / Travel A Look Back At 2018 2018 was busier then I thought, going through all of these photos from the past year makes me realize that I do more then I think I do!  Plus, I work part time at a wine shop!  And I wonder ... January 3, 2019 / Weddings Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park is a magical place. Many of the tree's, which are from the Yucca plant family, are over 100 years old! In the mornings at our Airbnb we would walk into the chilly air, ... November 30, 2018 / Travel