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A Look Back on 2019 January 15, 2020 / Art Badlands, Black Hills & Devils Tower If you follow my personal instagram @winenaturecatgirl then you might know that my husband and I just completed the Hiking Club Trail system through the Minnesota State Parks. So that means that we ... August 6, 2019 / Travel A Look Back At 2018 2018 was busier then I thought, going through all of these photos from the past year makes me realize that I do more then I think I do!  Plus, I work part time at a wine shop!  And I wonder ... January 3, 2019 / Weddings Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park is a magical place. Many of the tree's, which are from the Yucca plant family, are over 100 years old! In the mornings at our Airbnb we would walk into the chilly air, ... November 30, 2018 / Travel King Copper Motel – Copper Harbor, Michigan Copper Harbor, Michigan is one of our new favorite places to visit!  We took the boat to Isle Royale from Copper Harbor and in the meantime I became obsessed with the King Copper Motel.  I love the ol... August 29, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 5 – Rock Harbor Our last day on Isle Royale was bittersweet.  We love this place and plan to come back for sure!  We took one last short hike towards Scoville Point (without our backpacks this time) and we saw anothe... August 28, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 4 – Three Mile to Rock Harbor Our final day of backpacking on Isle Royale was a short and easy hike.  Only 3 miles from Three Mile Campground back to Rock Harbor, where we were looking forward to staying at the historic Rock Harbo... August 27, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 3 – Daisy Farm to Three Mile Another beautiful day!  I think we got really lucky with the weather and the fact that we were there before busy season so less people.  The hike from Daisy Farm to Three Mile was only a little over 4... August 23, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 2 – Lane Cove to Daisy Farm Hiking away from Lane Cove the next morning was not as fun as hiking towards it because there were some fairly steep climbs back up.  Once we got up to the Greenstone Ridge it was flat again with many... August 22, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 1 – Copper Harbor to Rock Harbor to Lane Cove Tim and I are huge State Park and National Park supporters and, well, nerds I guess!  We have been to almost all 66 of Minnesota's State Parks and we hope to some day get to all of the National Parks.... August 21, 2018 / Travel