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Isle Royale National Park – Day 2 – Lane Cove to Daisy Farm Hiking away from Lane Cove the next morning was not as fun as hiking towards it because there were some fairly steep climbs back up.  Once we got up to the Greenstone Ridge it was flat again with many... August 22, 2018 / Travel Isle Royale National Park – Day 1 – Copper Harbor to Rock Harbor to Lane Cove Tim and I are huge State Park and National Park supporters and, well, nerds I guess!  We have been to almost all 66 of Minnesota's State Parks and we hope to some day get to all of the National Parks.... August 21, 2018 / Travel I Love California Tour Part 5 – The Swimming Pools I'm a little obsessed with swimming pools and I don't know why.  I don't really care to swim, or even get in water, I don't really like getting wet.  Which is probably strange because I'm a Pisces, wh... July 31, 2018 / Travel I Love California Tour Part 4 – The National Parks Tim and I love the National Parks and hope to some day get to all of them!  These lovely places are so important to our Earth and we love to support them and share stories of their beauty.  It is extr... July 30, 2018 / Travel I Love California Tour Part 3 – Where We Stayed Since I was shooting the wedding of Alex and Suzy at The Madonna Inn we had to get the whole experience and stay in a room as well because their rooms are all different themes and they are crazy!  The... July 27, 2018 / Travel I Love California Tour Part 2 – The Wineries You may not know this, but besides my love of photography, animals and nature I also love wine!  I work at a wine shop part time too, and that comes with a few perks.  Like getting the hook up at wine... July 26, 2018 / Travel I Love California Tour – Part 1 The Scenery Oh my goodness!  These photos are from when we were in California this past February for the spectacular wedding of Suzy & Alex at The Madonna Inn and I'm just now getting time to edit them.  Yes,... July 25, 2018 / Travel Longing for California I absolutely LOVE California!  The warm weather, wine country, the beautiful scenery, the ocean... But right now it just does not seem to be in our cards to live there.  And there are already so many ... March 11, 2018 / Travel Thank You 2017! Here's a look back at all of the fun photo sessions I had in 2017!  Click on the links to see more. I just want to give a quick shout out to the team from for making my... January 29, 2018 / Engagements/Anniversaries Marfa, The Hotel Paisano and The Donald Judd Foundation While in Texas we scouted around the adorable little art town of Marfa. We ate some great food at The Food Shark, had dinner at The Hotel Paisano where the movie "Giant" with Elizabeth Taylor and Jame... July 27, 2017 / Travel