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A Trip to the North Shore These photos are from early June of this year when Tim and I, my brother Andy, his wife Christina, their kids Hannah and Mason and my mom spent a weekend up North at Surf Side for my mom's birthday we... August 29, 2016 / Personal Montezuma Costa Rica Part V On our very last day in Costa Rica, as we made our way along the bumpy roads for our 4 hour drive to the airport, our cab driver had to pull over at a rest stop.  But he pulled over at a very specific... March 25, 2016 / Travel Montezuma Costa Rica Part IV We went back to Cabo Blanco nature reserve for a second day (I could go there every day) and saw a lot more wildlife.  We saw more Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, we also saw some different birds and bat... March 24, 2016 / Travel Montezuma Costa Rica Part III While in Costa Rica, being the nature lovers that we are, we visited and hiked in the first Nature Reserve in Central America, Cabo Blanco.  It was awesome!  This was my favorite place that we went to... March 23, 2016 / Travel Montezuma Costa Rica Part II Fresh watermelon juice and a walk through town and along the beach.  Yes Please!!! March 22, 2016 / Travel Costa Rica Part I Prepare yourself for a week of Costa Rica!  I went to Costa Rica to photograph a wedding, but since we were there, we took some time to enjoy ourselves as well.  How could we not!  We were in a teeny ... March 21, 2016 / Travel Minnesota’s North Shore 2015 Phew!  I finally got caught up with all of my work from last Fall and I now have some time to post a few personal photos that I wasn't able to before because I was so busy!  But busy is a good thing, ... January 5, 2016 / Travel Be Still Some quiet moments from our camping trip at Bear Head Lake State Park earlier this summer.  Take a moment this weekend to be still and reconnect with nature. A baby snapper! A White-t... August 21, 2015 / Travel Abandoned August 19, 2015 / Travel A North Shore Sunset August 18, 2015 / Travel