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A Cabin In The Woods Wedding - A & K

There are so many wonderful things about this beautiful wedding that I don't even know where to start!  A is a film archivist with a passion for black and white photography.  K is a librarian with a l...

There are so many wonderful things about this beautiful wedding that I don’t even know where to start!  A is a film archivist with a passion for black and white photography.  K is a librarian with a love for creating just about anything.  For her wedding she created both bouquets, one out of film and one out of old books, she made mini paintings, she designed their invitations and programs, she knit scarfs, she even made flying pigs for the kids.  Phew!  I’m sure there is something I’m missing in there as well.  Joined by their dog Luna, along with friends and family, A & K walked down a crunchy path of crisp, golden leaves to say their vows to each other, overlooking the lake at the family cabin.  Then everyone sat around the fire, enjoyed a drink or two followed by dinner at the longest table I have ever seen, with delicious, warm, love filled food prepared by friends and family.  There was even a piñata!!!  A surprised K with a song played by a close friend which they danced to amongst sparklers followed by music in the garage by The Lost Walleye Trio.  The bonfire continued to keep people warm as the night ended with fireworks over the lake.  This was such a beautiful gathering filled with beautiful people and a beautiful couple.  The day was absolutely perfect and I’m so excited to share their photos with you!

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These pictures are awesome!!! This was the best wedding EVER!!!!

Katlyn and April,

What fun it has been to see all your wedding day pix. am so glad you had such fantastic weather! Our best wishes are with you for a bright and happy life together! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! With love from Aunt Christine and Uncle Andy and family

Love it! Thanks again!

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