October 30, 2012 /

A Minneapolis Dayblock Building Wedding / Liz & Josh

Liz & Josh's wedding at The Day Block Building was full of surprises!  They had every color of the rainbow in their flowers and banners, foods from different countries, giant scissors (you'll unde...

Liz & Josh’s wedding at The Day Block Building was full of surprises!  They had every color of the rainbow in their flowers and banners, foods from different countries, giant scissors (you’ll understand once you view the photos) and the amazing Ha-Family Lion dancers!  This last part was actually a surprise for their guests!  They wanted to have a vibrant “Fusion Wedding” to celebrate all different types of festivals and love from across the world.  Also, Liz and Josh both recently graduated from college with degrees in Design and they designed their own Invitations.  Josh’s mom made the beautiful “Marriage is for All Love Birds” sign, check out her site!


You can look for these two saying “I DO” in just a couple of months!

Ceremony & Reception: Day Block Building

Caterer’s: Los Ocampo, & Byerly’s

Bride & Groom Cake: Anne DePompolo

DJ: HeartfeltMPLS

Wedding Gown: Eden Bridal

Suit: Tommy Hilfiger/Macy’s

Bridesmaids Dresses: The Wedding Shoppe St. Paul

Performers: The Ha Family

Marriage is for All Love Birds sign: Laurie Haycraft

Officiate: Jodi Reider

Invitations designed by Liz & Josh!


Love these pics. You make a beutiful bride, Liz! And YaY for amazing photographers, a bride’s true best friend.

Dreamy pictures captured the perfect wedding.

These are beautiful! They capture the event perfectly. A night we will never forget!Congrats to the happy couple!

Phenomenal Pictures
Phenomenal People
A Real Class Act

“Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner.”

Congrats you two!!! What a beautifully unique wedding! I’m not surprised one bit! I wish you a happy and prosperous life together! :)

Congrats guys! Beautiful pictures! The wedding looks like it was amazing! Best wishes!

Wonderful photos!

What a fun wedding! Sooo much LOVE! Beautiful photos!

Love these moments you captured of this joyous couple. This is delightful to behold.

Looks so beautiful and fun! Such a great message to share for the sake of love.

A fantastic wedding by two fantastic people! Great friends, family, and way better dancing than I’ve ever seen. Great photos!

These pics are as amazing as you two

OMG these pics are amazing!!! I can’t wait to see the rest :) Beautiful!!!!

Lovely! I wish you’d done our wedding pics!

Most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen!

Super pics of Super People!!!

beautiful shots!!

This was the best wedding I have ever been to.

Liz, you look absolutely amazing! Congrats on your big day!! Your pictures are beautiful!! I love the ribbon cutting idea!

Liz these are great! Wish you the best

These are absolutely stunning!! Thank you Tiffany for capturing such a special day!

George and Rosemary

What a fantastic job capturing that beautiful wedding!

Beautiful photos! What a magical night!

Great photos to capture a great day!!!! Love the color and black and white!!!!

You really captured the day. Each one of your pictures is so amazing. I am so happy I can look at the memories of that special day.

Amazing! Beautiful couple. You can tell how much they are in LOVE!

Simply stunning!

I love theses pictures, Tiffany, you did a great job! From the quiet ‘calm’ of Liz getting ready to the joyous celebratory dancing, you capture the full range of emotion and experience of the wedding. Well done!
(Thanks for posting the Lovebirds link!)

These photos are really great! We had a blast deejaying and if you have an album of more dance floor mayhem we’d love to see those as well ;)

Liz, you are beautiful. The photos are great and I can feel the wonder of the day.

Great photos! They really convey the excitement and energy of the day!

True Love is sweet, magical & just radiates in these photos that truly capture the essence of Liz and Josh. Congrats on your happily ever after xo

Those are so beautiful. I think those dancing pictures are the first I’ve ever seen that actually look good! The one of J+L slow dancing almost made me cry.

You are an amazing photographer. The story you tell with your photos is incredible. I love the composition of the shots. The only problem that I have is that they are all so fantastic how can I EVER choose my favorite?

I sooooo enjoyed seeing these photos!!! What a special and unique event : ) Soooo much fun and color and class! Much love to the happy couple!!!!

Great photos. I’m glad someone got a picture of the ostrich and fawn amongst the donuts.

Wonderful! These shots really captured the unique favor that could only be Liz and Josh’s wedding. well done! and what fun!

These pictures are absolutely fantastic! I’m re-living the entire day and it makes me feel so happy! So in love with everything!

Best Wedding Ever!

I love these shots. It was a great wedding.

These are great! Better than I remember. Thanks so much!

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