March 2014

Speaking of “Selfie’s”… I was going through some old boxes of stuff the other day and I came across this gem!  It's okay, you can laugh, I am!  I was obviously a very serious artist back then.  Back in the day we called them... March 24, 2014 / Personal A Leather Wedding Album I'm getting ready to deliver another pretty wedding album! March 13, 2014 / Weddings Kaua’i Day 10 This was a very sad day as it was our last day in Paradise... I used up the last film shots on my Hasselblad: We thought it was really great that instead of the bible in the bedside table dr... March 10, 2014 / Travel Kaua’i Day 9 We awoke to low rolling clouds and fog, so I ran out of the room to catch some photos.  I love foggy days! Jungle fowl (rooster).  Amazingly this is the only photo I have with any chickens in th... March 7, 2014 / Travel Kaua’i Day 8 Me and my lei... I wish they would last forever! We started our day with a rum tasting at the Koloa rum distillery.  We felt pretty zippy after that! Rum cake (more like YUM cake)! We travel... March 6, 2014 / Travel Kaua’i Day 7 Day 7 we traveled to the far West side of the island to walk along Polihale beach.  It was beautiful, but it was really windy and the waves were too big to attempt going into the water.  While we were... March 5, 2014 / Travel Kaua’i Day 6   We headed south once more and strolled through the Grand Hyatt hotel to get to the beach.  They were having a parrot demonstration and may I just say, this blue guy wanted to make himself kn... March 4, 2014 / Travel Kaua’i Day 5 After our long day of hiking, we decided to take it easy and just meander around the island to see what we could find. We had lunch at the adorable Hemingway's Cafe.  They have the best yogur... March 3, 2014 / Travel