August 2012

Nazareth Chapel, Northwestern College, Tiffany Bolk Photography A Sneak Peek for Carly & Victor / The Nazareth Chapel at Northwestern College I cannot wait to share more from this gorgeous wedding at Northwestern's Nazareth Chapel and their Mill City Museum reception! August 28, 2012 / Weddings Gale Mansion Wedding photography, Tiffany Bolk Photography Happy One Year Anniversary Nancy & Jason! / Gale Mansion Wedding Photography Nancy and Jason had an amazing Italian themed wedding one year ago today!  They have since traveled to Italy for their honeymoon.  I have always found their love story to be one of the sweetest!  Happ... August 27, 2012 / Weddings The Secret To Getting Great Family Photos! Gee, and here I thought I was just really good at making people smile!  Apparently I had some help.  Tim snapped this at our latest wedding!  I actually might consider hiring him!  :) August 23, 2012 / Weddings Spide-y Okay, so for those of you that know me, you know that when it comes to spiders I get pretty creeped out!  The only way I was able to take this photo was because there were two panes of window glass be... August 22, 2012 / Personal Tiffany and her quest for a Hasselblad! I have been yearning for a medium format camera for quite some time now.  I used to shoot 4x5 before I started shooting digital, but let me tell you, that 4x5 camera is not the easiest thing to lug ar... August 16, 2012 / Personal My Photos are on a Band’s Album Cover! I have been so excited about this and waiting to post about this for so long I can hardly contain myself!  I was hired (I was actually paid) to do a photo shoot for a designer, Michael Cina, who was c... August 14, 2012 / Personal The Weber’s / Minnetonka Family Photo Session Meet the Weber's!  Colleen, Mike, Rachel, and their parents Carolyn and Ron.  Colleen is a friend and fellow Book Club member and when she approached me with the idea of doing some family photos for h... August 14, 2012 / Family Sessions The Cunningham’s / Ramsey Family Photo Session When I look at these photos, I cannot help but think that these two are brewing up some mischief making somewhere!  They are too adorable!  Please meet the Cunningham's! ... August 13, 2012 / Family Sessions Happy One Year Anniversary Ashley & Sivan! Ashley and Sivan were married one year ago today at  413 on Wacouta  in downtown St. Paul!  Happy first anniversary!  I love how Ashley's necklace matches her eyes!  See more photos from their wedding... August 7, 2012 / Weddings An “Unplugged” Wedding / A re-post from my favorite east coast photographers! To all of my brides and grooms and to all of the brides and grooms of other photographers, this is a truly beautiful idea and it actually came from a bride!  Please consider this and pass it on to oth... August 6, 2012 / Personal