February 26, 2014 / Travel

Kaua'i Day 2

We started our day out right with some Kauai coffee! Tim approves! Red Crested Cardinal More Dr. Seuss flowers I have always wanted to drink out of a coconut and it's delicious! ...

We started our day out right with some Kauai coffee!Kauai 1 Kauai 2

Tim approves!Kauai 3 Kauai 4

Red Crested CardinalKauai 5 Kauai 6 Kauai 7 Kauai 8

More Dr. Seuss flowersKauai 9 Kauai 10

I have always wanted to drink out of a coconut and it’s delicious! Kauai 11 Kauai 12 Kauai 13 Kauai 14

Waimea CanyonKauai 15 Kauai 16 Kauai 17

The clouds rolled in when we got to the top and we were literally walking in the clouds!Kauai 18 Kauai 19 Kauai 20

The paths were so slick and it started to rain so we didn’t get very far.  Neither of us wanted to go home with something broken.Kauai 21 Kauai 22

These big spiders where everywhere, fortunately they never move.Kauai 23

Hawaii has the best lettuce!Kauai 24 Kauai 25 Kauai 26 Kauai 27 Kauai 28

Scary old suspension bridge!Kauai 29

One of our favorite beaches was Saltwater PondsKauai 30

I love tide pools and sea urchins and anything else you find in these miniature oceans!  I could spend hours peeking around in these!Kauai 31 Kauai 32 Kauai 33 Kauai 34 Kauai 35 Kauai 36

A Mai Tai for me and a beer for him.  I like to keep things fancy!Kauai 37

A film shot of the ancient Eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus trees


um, can we move there? i want to draw all the foliage, the critters in the tide pools and that chubby cardinal. oh, i hope you brought back that weird deer statue for me. :-)

Tim sipping that coffee cracks me up! And I love that new tattoo! You are making me jealous of your global wanderings.

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