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Sometimes I Pretend I’m A Writer I have lost my words Words written but never spoke Like the long summer shadows that spread across suburban lawns. Sprinklers sigh, Crickets chirp, But where is my voice from so long ago? September 9, 2016 / Personal A Trip to the North Shore These photos are from early June of this year when Tim and I, my brother Andy, his wife Christina, their kids Hannah and Mason and my mom spent a weekend up North at Surf Side for my mom's birthday we... August 29, 2016 / Personal A Beast of a Tomato Well, tomato season is officially here and we here at T'N'T farm know how to get things started off right!  This is indeed only one tomato.  The biggest I've ever grown!  We were pretty excited!...  A... August 17, 2016 / Personal The Little Magnolia That Could Two years ago we got a Magnolia tree.  The following Spring it appeared that the tree did not make it through the winter, needless to say, we were pretty upset.  Then, about mid June, I noticed some g... August 16, 2016 / Personal Dragons Tongue Beans August 9, 2016 / Personal Bennett & Sunflowers August 8, 2016 / Personal Scissors My husband Tim is a collector of many odds and ends.  Scissors are one of those odds or ends.  The other day he had these artfully laid out on the table, so I took a photo. July 13, 2016 / Personal A Moment of Noise I am the quiet one in the room.  I am often surrounded by silence, by choice.  This does not mean that there isn't a roar of thoughts screaming through my head at any given time.  I don't normally lik... July 8, 2016 / Personal Our Cherry Tree Last year we planted a dwarf cherry tree which produced one bright red cherry.  However, as soon as it ripened, a critter promptly ate it.  This year our cherry tree produced two cherries.  As soon as... June 17, 2016 / Personal I Love Movies! I have to admit, I'm kind of a movie junkie!  I love many of the different TV series out there too, Gilmore Girls and Mad Men would be two of my favorite, but we will save that for another post.  I ju... May 19, 2016 / Personal