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Tiffany Bolk is an experienced Minnesota wedding photographer who specializes in capturing rustic & vintage weddings & stylized engagement sessions.


Minnesota Backyard Wedding Vow Renewal – Lisa & Nate

Lisa and Nate were (believe it or not) married 10 years ago!  Since then they moved to Arizona and started a family and had two beautiful little boys.  Having reached 10 years of marriage and being far away from family they wanted to have a little gathering in their families gorgeous Minnesota backyard for their vow renewal and to celebrate their lives and friendships.  The afternoon began with some backyard games, drinks and the music of Yo La Tengo.  Then everyone gathered around the ceremonial tree that Lisa (wearing her original wedding dress!) and Nate had chosen for their vow renewal.  The two of them poured soil from their home states, Minnesota and Illinois, while their oldest son added the rocks from their current home of Arizona.  It was a sweet little moment to bring everyone together.  Afterwards everyone sat around the elegantly decorated table to enjoy a perfect summer evening together.

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