July 2015

Canada Day 2 Our second day began with coffee and pastries at The Barking Moose.  The rest of our day consisted of a lot more driving through tiny, tiny towns.  A drowsy bear and a Rose Breasted Grosbeak in the Ri... July 31, 2015 / Travel TBT "A Tender Situation" 4x5 Film July 30, 2015 / Personal Canada Day 1 I finally have some time to share our photos from our road trip to see my Canadian cousins back in May!  My Aunt and Uncle have had a farm up in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan for quite some time now and I ... July 29, 2015 / Travel A White Currant Tart, Cats and a Watermelon Radish I was so proud of myself, I made this white currant tart with currants from my own backyard!  My mom helped de-stem and the cats were there for moral support.  I also nibbled on these crazy watermelon... July 28, 2015 / Personal Happy One Year Anniversary Maria & Marcus! This wedding was so laid back and enjoyable!  Everyone just had fun and didn't worry about anything.  Happy One Year Maria & Marcus!  View more of their wedding photos here.   July 27, 2015 / Weddings Amanda, Kyle & Hudson Oh, for the love of little boys!  Little boys like to play and hide and make mischief and sometimes create a little drama.  Fortunately for Hudson, he looks really cute when he's doing it!  Hudson is ... July 24, 2015 / Family Sessions TBT "Swimming Lesson" 4x5 Film July 23, 2015 / Personal Cat Naps Ever since we got a new mattress and set up our old bed in the spare bedroom, Bennett and Hazel think that it is their room.  They play in the room and hide under the bed.  I think I've started to not... July 21, 2015 / Personal Baby Antoine This little fella is pretty adorable!  He is just turning a year old this summer, so it was time for some photos.  I love his curls and his mini Air Jordans. July 20, 2015 / Family Sessions TBT What can I say?  I've been feeling nostalgic.  So, with the popularity of the Throw Back Thursday or "TBT", I thought I'd join in.  Every Thursday (until I run out) I will be sharing photos from my gr... July 16, 2015 / Personal