February 2015

A Poetic Space – Tucson, Arizona While in Tucson I photographed the interior of our friend Claudia's place.   I really liked the bit of mid-century modernism going on and all of her little chotskies.   C... February 25, 2015 / Personal Arizona Day 7: Miami & Tonto National Monument Our last day of sunshine and cactus.  On our drive back up to the Phoenix airport we fit in a few more stops.  But there is just so much more to do!  The tiny town of Miami had all of these antique sh... February 9, 2015 / Travel Arizona Day 5: Rain, Fog, Rocks and Ghost Towns This was our rainy day.  We traveled to the east side of the state to visit Chiricahua National Monument.  On our way there we stopped in what we thought would be a quaint little town, but when we dro... February 6, 2015 / Travel Arizona Day 4: Saguaro East, Callaghan Winery & Montezuma Quail   Day 4 took us to Saguaro East.  There are actually 2 Saguaro National parks, East and West.  The East side had a slightly different terrain. Yes!  Arizona has winery's too! Their cute... February 5, 2015 / Travel Arizona Day 3: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monutment Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is kind of out in the middle of nowhere.  Well, it is actually out in the middle of nowhere!  It was about a 2 hour drive from Tucson and you only pass through a fe... February 4, 2015 / Travel Arizona Day 2: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum & Saguaro National Park Day 2 was absolutely gorgeous!  We spent the first half of our day at The Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum and Zoo where we got to see an awesome bird demonstration.  I may have gone over board with the... February 3, 2015 / Travel Arizona Day 1: Casa Grande & Tucson Estates Prepare yourself for a week (and one rainy day) of sunshine and cactus!  Tim and I skipped out of cold town last week to spend some time in southern Arizona where we stayed with our family friend, Cla... February 2, 2015 / Travel