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Featured Vendor – Maddie Hughes of Ask For The Moon Events

Hanging out with Maddie Hughes of Ask For The Moon Events is like snuggling up in your favorite cozy sweater with a glass of bubbly!  She makes you feel right at home no matter where you are!

Maddie Hughes Ask For The Moon Events

Maddie began her wedding planning business three and a half years ago, but she has been in the event planning industry for 11 years.  She went to culinary school to study the savory side of food but fell in love with baking and she worked as a pastry chef.  When she would meet with couples to talk about their cake, she found that she ended up asking way more questions about their actual event and realized it was time to make the switch.

Maddie is definitely a people person!  She is warm and bubbly (hence the sweater and champagne I mentioned earlier) and you find yourself wanting to tag along with her like a happy puppy, even is she’s just going to the gas station!  I can only imagine that working with her as your event planner is smooth and joyful.

One thing Maddie mentioned that I love is that she is not only concerned that her couple is happy, but she wants to make sure that all vendors involved with her events are happy.  You will not go wrong with this girl and she never stops smiling!

Her favorite part of a wedding day are the speeches and the stories of how a couple met.  And of course the “Room Reveal”!  After all of her hard work, getting to show her couples their decorated event space for the first time and see their faces light up fills her with happiness.

She loves celebrations, no matter what kind, which is why she does what she does and she is a self proclaimed “Hard Ass”!  However, she couldn’t do anything with out the help of her 4 assistants who, she says, make her look good.

Why is it so important to have a wedding planner?  Maddie says they are there to help keep you on track, it keeps your stress at bay and most importantly you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day.  Ask For The Moon allows you to be a guest at your own wedding!

I love movies and I was excited to hear that she is a movie lover as well.  She is a Turner Classic girl, which she says her mom turned her onto at a young age.  Her favorite movie is Gone With The Wind.  Her second favorite movie is Now Voyageur, which is actually where she came up with the name of her business.  I love stories like this!  The last line of the movie says, “Don’t ask for the moon, we have the stars”.  Maddie says, “Why not Ask For The Moon?!”

Of course I had to ask what her dream wedding would be.  She said she would love an Oscar themed wedding, with a red carpet rolled out for the guests and the feeling of romance from the movies.  But, who knows, she might change her mind next month!

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