Tiffany Bolk Photography

Tiffany Bolk is an experienced Minnesota wedding photographer who specializes in capturing rustic & vintage weddings & stylized engagement sessions.


West Texas

When we first arrived in Texas in mid April, it was freezing cold and I was pissed because I did not just leave Minnesota to be cold in Texas.  Then we went to Big Bend National Park and it was really hot and I stopped complaining.  Texas is indeed a wild place!  Big Bend is vast too, one part is just all brown and rock and another part is completely different and full of coniferous trees.  The most exciting parts for me were all the blooming cactus and when we would see tarantulas crossing the road!  We would pull over real fast and jump out and watch them as they peacefully made their way across the road.  Fascinating!  We also saw a large burrowing wolf spider and a black widow in the wild, which was not so fascinating.

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