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Tiffany Bolk is an experienced Minnesota wedding photographer who specializes in capturing rustic & vintage weddings & stylized engagement sessions.


Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a magical place.

Many of the tree’s, which are from the Yucca plant family, are over 100 years old!

In the mornings at our Airbnb we would walk into the chilly air, coffee mugs in hand, and search for the giant hares, that when found, would hop away so quickly you weren’t sure if you saw them or not.  Then the sun would rise up from behind the mountain and warm the land and the colors would change from a cool mountain blue to a bright, dusty orange.  Our Airbnb was down a long, dirt, bumpy road where sometimes our car was actually sideways because part of the road was washed out, but it was so worth it!  The refurbished cabin sits next to a historic look out tower built in the 1920’s!  After our long days of hiking, twilight turned the skies pink, purple and magenta and the Joshua Trees became sentient silhouettes; protective creatures of the desert night.

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