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Isle Royale National Park – Day 3 – Daisy Farm to Three Mile

Another beautiful day!  I think we got really lucky with the weather and the fact that we were there before busy season so less people.  The hike from Daisy Farm to Three Mile was only a little over 4 miles, so relatively easy compared to the last two days.  The hike was also very rocky, as in you are walking over giant rock slabs, which they say can be very slippery when wet and I believe it.  I’m glad it was dry because I didn’t want to fall into the lake!  It was a very peaceful hike along the waters edge.  We arrived at Three Mile campground early and most of the shelters were vacant, so we took one near the water again with a large rock area out front which was nice and warm from the sun beating down on it. It made a nice spot for me to finish off my little 3ml of Black Box Pinot Noir.  I’m a wine connoisseur and I usually don’t drink wine from a box, but these little guys sure do hit the spot when you are backpacking and they are very small and convenient with their screw cap.  We hung out at our site and took it easy for the rest of the day, finishing up our dehydrated food and watching the mergansers.  Unfortunately there was a male merganser trying to mack on another dudes girl and he would not give up!  It was slightly uncomfortable to watch, I don’t know if there were territory issues or what was going on, but nature is rough!  The couple finally got away, but geez!

This evening was the night of the summer solstice and it was still light out when we tried to go to sleep.  I couldn’t sleep, as usual, so I got up and I am really glad that I did because I saw a gorgeous moon rise.  It was such a peaceful moment.

This was my favorite camp site that we stopped at, but I woke up shivering again in the night.  It was so bad that I had to wake up Tim to warm me up.  Beautiful campsites on the water = freezing cold nights.

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