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Isle Royale National Park – Day 2 – Lane Cove to Daisy Farm

Hiking away from Lane Cove the next morning was not as fun as hiking towards it because there were some fairly steep climbs back up.  Once we got up to the Greenstone Ridge it was flat again with many beautiful vistas and wildflowers.  I had ambitiously planned for us to hike 13 miles on this day, but after our first day we decided to alter our route a bit and not go as far.  So we only did another 7 mile hike to Daisy Farm campground.  The hike was beautiful and very sunny, I couldn’t believe that I was sweating after a night of shivering.  When we arrived at Daisy Farm we were excited to nab a shelter which are actually pretty cozy and clean.  We set up our tent inside for extra protection from the wind at night.

We came across these tiny, little strawberries that had a delicious burst of flavor that were a nice treat on our hot trek.

Our shelter at Daisy Farm

A long awaited meal!

The shelters had a lot of graffiti stories.  Some were pretty entertaining.

We saw an older gentleman hiking alone with this card on his walking stick.  When he left and I was looking at all the shelters I found this in the shelter he had stayed in.  December 1995 to May 2018 is a very short time on this earth.

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