Tiffany Bolk Photography

Tiffany Bolk is an experienced Minnesota wedding photographer who specializes in capturing rustic & vintage weddings & stylized engagement sessions.



We absolutely loved working with Tiffany of Tiffany Bolk Photography! From the moment we met her to review her portfolio, we knew we’d made the right choice in a photographer and seeing all the moments she captured from our wedding day proved us right.  Tiffany was easy to communicate with, she was prompt in responding to questions leading up to the wedding and very organized in preparing us for the day and getting a plan set. She was also flexible when things had to be adjusted throughout the day, and always so sweet and with a smile.   She took our suggestions and made them beautiful. She offered suggestions of things we might want to capture. Mostly, she was present everywhere throughout the day, but you would never know it until seeing the results. She captured so many details, reactions and interactions. We are happy to have so many wonderful memories to look back on. A true professional, a true artist. I can’t wait until another big life event occurs so I can use her services again. Highly recommended!   – Jessica & Adam

We could not have been more happy with our photos and with working with Tiffany. She’s incredibly sweet and sincere and shared in the excitement of our day. Tiffany worked to fit into our day and captured so many sweet moments when I wasn’t even aware she was nearby. As far as value, for her years of experience and the quality of the photos, I easily would have expected to pay significantly more. She was so very easy to work with and my favorite part of the experience was weeks after the wedding when she invited us into her home and we went through her favorite photos while eating a slice of pie, drinking a glass of wine, with the record player going, and the lights turned down low, and seeing the day play out through her beautiful photos. It was an intimate experience and I could tell she cared deeply about not just about her work, but what it meant to us.  – Megan & John

We absolutely loved working with Tiffany Bolk Photography! We have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful and professional our pictures are and we couldn’t be happier with them! Photographing your wedding day is so important and Tiffany captured those special moments for us to relive over and over again.  – Nikki & Kevin

Tiffany is an amazing talent! We hired Tiffany to take photos for our wedding and they turned out absolutely incredible! She has got the eye for knowing what will make a stunning photograph.  I was very happy that she captured the mood of the entire event, from getting ready to our dance party! There are just so many photos to choose from; you can see in the photos that she takes pride in her work.  You should also know that Tiffany has a Masters in photography from one of the top art school’s in the country so you can be sure that everything will turn out perfectly.  Some photographers have an overwhelming personality that can be too much, but Tiffany is just so sweet and easy to work with! She was silently everywhere at all times clicking away, but never getting over involved to take away from the day. Her level of involvement and professionalism was just perfect.  I cannot recommend her enough! She is a true artist and a lovely woman!  – Liz & Josh

My husband and I hired Tiffany for our engagement party and our wedding. She did an excellent job! She was very creative, patient, detailed and you didn’t even know she was there! We have the best engagement party photos and wedding photos. We have received so many compliments. We really enjoyed working with her and we so glad she was a part of our wedding day! Thank you Tiffany!
Nancy & Jason

On your wedding day all you want is for the day to run smoothly. If you want one less thing to worry about then choose Tiffany! She is super easy to work with, has really great ideas, a fantastic eye, and you can bet your photos will be spectacular!
Abie & Bobby

We felt that you were so friendly and easy to work with. We enjoyed taking pictures with you, and you made the experience so great and we will always remember it that way. All in all, I was extremely impressed with the quality of our pictures, and how friendly and easy going that you were. I would definitely use your services again for other special occasions that we may have in the future or just family pictures. Once again you were a joy to work with and made this special time in our life even more memorable.
—Kimiko & Vaughn

I received so many compliments from my wedding guests at how unobtrusive you were. I liked that you were there for all the important moments without being in everyone’s face like the paparazzi. You were a super ninja photographer :) We loved how artistic you were and how you put so much thought into each shot, giving us so many great photographs to chose from in the end. It was hard to picture sometimes what some of the shots were going to look like when you were taking them, but when we got the photos back we were so excited! They turned out so beautiful!! And you made us look so good!
—Minna & Dustin

Tiffany was sweet, respectful, professional and a true pleasure to work with on our wedding day. Tiffany made me feel relaxed. I felt I could be myself as a bride, which helped produce natural, stunning pictures. Everything was perfect and exactly how we envisioned the experience!
—Kelly & David

Overall, everything was really great. We are very impressed with all of our photos and the albums that we ordered. We have heard from several friends/family that the album is the best wedding album they have ever seen. Tiffany was very professional and took more than enough pictures. It is so fun to look back and re-live our wonderful day. She was willing to do whatever we wanted. If we had an idea, she was willing to go along. She also offered up plenty of ideas of her own. (Truthfully, hers were better.) We really appreciated her flexibility and willingness to make it as easy for us as possible.
—Kirstyn & David

Tiffany has a great eye, catching things that we didn’t even think of. She was a workhorse the entire day of our wedding, constantly taking photos. My wife and I couldn’t recommend Tiffany enough to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. We are extremely happy with how our photos turned out.
—Terry & Carla

Tiffany was great! So easy to work with. This was the least stressful picture taking I have ever had — and we have 5 kids! She blended right in, we had no idea she was taking the shots she did. It was so fun to see the end results; the pictures were fabulous!
—Carin & Jason

Tiffany has a great ability to transform a plain photo opportunity into a beautiful memory. I appreciate her ability to meld with the bridal party to travel along and get those behind the scenes moments that are most memorable. In tough economic times it was imperative to find a skilled photographer who offered a reasonable price. Tiffany really went above and beyond making the trip to South Dakota for our special day. Also, a price without time constraints was really generous. Catholic weddings and rituals can make for a really long wedding day and time limits make it difficult to decide what “part” of your wedding is most important to capture (ceremony, formal pics, before ceremony pics, reception, etc.).
—Lexie & Casey