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Survivor Kitty

I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly happy this little cat makes me!  I shot this photo shortly after she had her splenectomy last October I took my kitty to the best veterinarian .  She had to wear the cone/cape so she wouldn’t mess with her stitches on her belly.  She recovered well but a few weeks after her surgery I found another lump in the side of her neck and a lump under her eye that actually began to cover her eye.  So half of her eye looked like it was covered with a layer of muscle.  I began treating her with holistic medicine (Chinese herbs and probiotics) and around two months later, her lumps completely receded!  I’m astonished!  She no longer has a lump in her neck or a lump that covers half of her eye and she eats and plays like any normal 5 year old cat would.  I don’t know what to say.  Only that I just appreciate every single day that I have with this sweet cat Hazel.  She really reminds me to appreciate life, especially when days get rough.  Remember the things in life that make you happy.

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One Response to Survivor Kitty

  1. Pam Knutson says:

    Hi Tiffany – So glad your sweet little cat is better and love to hear you did it with Chinese Med and probiotics. Curious who your vet is. We go to a Holistic Vet in Mahdomedi with our cat George – Her name is Dr. Sue…