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Megan & Rob, Engagement Photos We found some cute spots in NE Minneapolis for Megan and Rob's engagement photos!  I love the bright colors and the sunflower!  Look for more of these two this fall! ... July 30, 2010 / Weddings Kara & Raymond, July 17, 2010 Kara and Raymond had a bit of a weather roller-coaster on their wedding day at The Gale Mansion.  The day started out sunny and a bit humid and the sky looked like it might hold, but right before the ... July 23, 2010 / Weddings Stephanie & Adam, June 19 2010 I was very excited about photographing Stephanie and Adam's wedding at the Christ Lutheran Church in Minneapolis because it was designed by Eliel  Saarinen!  Why is this important you may wonder?  For... June 29, 2010 / Weddings Helen & Matt, June 13 2010 I was at The Gale Mansion on June 13th to photograph Helen and Matt at their wedding.  Poor Matt had an accident the week before and had his arm wrapped in plaster for the wedding.  He seemed to be in... June 18, 2010 / Weddings Angie & David, June 12 2010 Angie and David were married on a bit of a rainy day, but that did not get their spirits down!  We still managed to get a few outdoor shots and some fun shots at The Hilton in Bloomington where they h... June 15, 2010 / Weddings Beth & Oraldo, May 29, 2010 Beth and Oraldo were married at the Gale Mansion on the beautiful afternoon of May 29th.  Beth had a very glamorous old Hollywood look and Oraldo complemented her perfectly!  A string quartet played s... June 2, 2010 / Weddings Jessica & Mitchell, May 15, 2010 My friends Jessica and Mitch were wed on a beautiful afternoon in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on May 15th.  Jessica looks gorgeous!  She could be a model.  I love the splashes of yellow she chose... May 18, 2010 / Weddings Daryn & Chad, May 1 2010 Yay!  It's my first wedding of the season!  I photographed Daryn and Chad at The Semple Mansion in Minneapolis this past weekend.  I think Daryn looks absolutely stunning! The photos of the fellows we... May 4, 2010 / Weddings The Wedding of Tariq and Tamie, December 12th, 2009 I met up with Tariq and Tamie at the Guthrie to take some fun shots of them before they got married later in the day. It was very cold outside so we stayed in and got some cool shots in the spacey yel... December 18, 2009 / Weddings The Wedding of Christine and Jon, October 16, 2009 October 16th was a somewhat rainy and miserable day, but weddings must go on! And they are just as beautiful indoors! Christine and Jon where married on this evening and it was nice and cozy in Th... October 23, 2009 / Weddings