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Vote For Your Favorite Quote! Voting has ended!  I will not be accepting any more votes.  Thank you to everyone who participated! I recently held a contest for my clients where I asked them to post something on their Facebook p... March 7, 2011 / Personal Happy Valentines Day! February 14, 2011 / Personal All Things New! It is a new year!  I'm pretty sure that you are all aware of that by now!  Hopefully your hangovers from 2010 are long gone!  I feel that this year is going to bring new challenges and I plan on takin... January 14, 2011 / Personal Things that I like! With it being the new year and all I've decided to embark on a new project.  I've wanted to do something kind of like this for a while.  I'm really into antique/vintage/retro stuff and I love going to... January 7, 2011 / Personal Suzy Q and a photo shoot too! I went out photo site scouting the other day with my dear friend Suzy who modeled for me.  She has been dying to see these so I have to put them up now or I will get into some big trouble!  But I thou... August 10, 2010 / Personal Stay At Home Mom Series – Christina, Hannah & Mason I spent a day with Christina and her kids and here's what I got. Any positive feedback is welcome. Thanks! December 6, 2009 / Personal A’s Boudoir Shoot! I did a Boudior shoot with A today and we had a lot of fun! Some of these photos are a bit steamy, you may need to avert your eyes! ... November 9, 2009 / Personal Stay At Home Mom – Veronica and Paloma Thanks for all of the feedback! Here's some more! I spent some time with Veronica and Paloma, here's what I got. I'm still figuring out how day's go and when to shoot. It's all very interesting. Let m... November 3, 2009 / Personal Stay At Home Mom Photo Series Continuing with my series, I spent the day with Sarah and Charlie the other day. I would love any positive feedback as I am having trouble narrowing these down. November 2, 2009 / Personal New Photo Series I'm starting a series about stay at home moms and their interactions with their children. Let me know what you think! (Sarah Jane please don't be mad at me for posting these, I love them and you look ... October 17, 2009 / Personal