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Suzy Q and a photo shoot too! I went out photo site scouting the other day with my dear friend Suzy who modeled for me.  She has been dying to see these so I have to put them up now or I will get into some big trouble!  But I thou... August 10, 2010 / Personal Stay At Home Mom Series – Christina, Hannah & Mason I spent a day with Christina and her kids and here's what I got. Any positive feedback is welcome. Thanks! December 6, 2009 / Personal A’s Boudoir Shoot! I did a Boudior shoot with A today and we had a lot of fun! Some of these photos are a bit steamy, you may need to avert your eyes! ... November 9, 2009 / Personal Stay At Home Mom – Veronica and Paloma Thanks for all of the feedback! Here's some more! I spent some time with Veronica and Paloma, here's what I got. I'm still figuring out how day's go and when to shoot. It's all very interesting. Let m... November 3, 2009 / Personal Stay At Home Mom Photo Series Continuing with my series, I spent the day with Sarah and Charlie the other day. I would love any positive feedback as I am having trouble narrowing these down. November 2, 2009 / Personal New Photo Series I'm starting a series about stay at home moms and their interactions with their children. Let me know what you think! (Sarah Jane please don't be mad at me for posting these, I love them and you look ... October 17, 2009 / Personal Kristen Swenson’s Fashion Show at Ground Zero June 5th I was lucky enough to be able to shoot some photographs at Kristen's fashion show the other night at Ground Zero in Minneapolis, I was impressed by how awesome the accessories from were. I... June 7, 2009 / Personal Mason and Hannah Some of my favorite photos of my niece and nephew from Mason's baby shower. I love taking photos of kids! They're just who they are and not afraid to just be themselves. ... May 22, 2009 / Personal April 22nd The Kroeninger Interpretive Center Well, weddings are slow to come this spring, so my husband and I have been out checking on the birds. We went to a new location, The Kroeninger Interpretive Center along the Mississippi river. Great s... April 23, 2009 / Personal Easter Sunday 2009 It was a typical Minnesota Family Gathering. Words were said, feelings were hurt... or perhaps it was more that certain words were not said, which lead to confusion and misunderstandings... and heartb... April 13, 2009 / Personal