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Taylor Stonehocker / February Featured Vendor

Yikes!  February almost got away from me!

Taylor Stonehocker is our featured vendor this month.  She is an incredible florist!    She created the lovely bouquets and centerpieces for the wedding of Julia & Jim.

She currently works for another florist and takes on freelance jobs, but would someday like to have her own shop.  She studied Horticulture (with a focus in floral design) at Brigham Young and graduated in 2011.  She recently moved to Minneapolis with her husband so he could attend graduate school, so she is still discovering all of the amazing things that Minnesota has to offer.  Yes, I’m a little biased!

Her favorite flower is the passion flower, from the passion fruit plant.  Her dream is to use these flowers somehow in a wedding, but she says that it would be difficult and time consuming since they are viny.

Tips for Brides!

Taylor suggests really doing your research when deciding on your florist and your bouquet.  Look at the florist’s photos online before going in and try to figure out what flowers you would like to have in your bouquet.  She also strongly encourages creativity!  She says not to be afraid to try something unique!  And she’s is a big fan of Pinterest!

A few fun things about Taylor:

She grew up in the South, Texas and North Carolina, and she played the clarinet in marching band.  She enjoys reading classic books like Sherlock Holmes and The Count of Monte Cristo.  And she would love to be able to work with Preston Bailey, a pretty fancy florist!

The big trends in bouquets that she has seen recently are:

Peacock Feathers

Broach Bouquets


Calla Lilies

The most commonly used flowers are roses and lilies.  She encourages people to try for different colored roses beyond the usual red, white or pink.  There are so many different varieties, she said there is even a rainbow rose!  These sound very tedious to create!

I’m really excited to see where Taylor goes with her talent and I would love to work with her again!  To view more of her work please visit:


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  1. Suzy Q. says:

    those flowers are GORGEOUS!