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Featured Vendor – Mike Anderson Weddings

Mike and Heather with Mike Anderson Weddings are experts in their field.  They are not your average D.J.’s.  Mike prefers the term, wedding entertainer, because he does way more then just queue up a few popular wedding songs.  Mike and Heather are so much more involved.  They are involved because they want to really get to know their couples personally.  They want to be able to represent them in the best way possible, so that when their wedding guests leave for the night, they say things like: “Wow, I never knew that about the bride and groom!”.  They are there to “help couples make the important moments matter”.

Mike Anderson Weddings

Mike has been working as a wedding entertainer for 20 years.  He explains that the first 10 years were devoted to learning to be a D.J. and the next 10 years have taken him to the level of wedding expertise.  He works with the emotion in the room and uses that to either bring the room to tears or laughter.  This is something that has taken him years of experience to learn.  It is not something that happens overnight.

Something that makes Mike stand out is his ability to write and perform the couples “Love Story”.  The “Love Story” is something Mike has done extensive training around.  It is the telling of their story, of how they met, fell in love and about the proposal from the words of the couple and Mike performs their “Love Story” before their first dance.  Mike feels, “It is one of the best gifts I can give my couples.”

Another big moment for Mike is the Father Daughter dance. Mike says that after having his own daughter, he understands how important this moment is and he wants to make sure that it is memorable.

Mike Anderson Weddings encourage their couples to not only be in the moment the day of their wedding, but start to be present two days before your wedding and even the day after.  People put so much time and energy into their wedding day, and then it is gone in a flash, they want to remind couples to really revel in every moment.  As Mike says, “stamp the memory into your mind”.

Mike and Heather are so genuine and caring and you can just tell by the way that they talk about their business that they really love what they do and that they are invested in the people that they work with to ensure that they are satisfied 110%.  Mike says that there is a moment during every wedding when he feels like he has made a difference.  That he has helped create what the couple had in mind and made it even bigger.  This is “what he has been called to do”.

Favorite Movies:

Mike: Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Heather: Anne of Green Gables and The Princess Bride

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