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Featured Vendor – Celine Kitzenberg with New York Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance awareness month!  Hurray!  So, it may not seem like Life Insurance has anything to do with weddings, but it has a lot to do with marriage.  Life Insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones during those moments that no one wants to think about.  But you also don’t want to have to think about money while you are grieving the loss of a loved one.


As Celine likes to say, she “is not your average Life Insurance agent!”  She’s not “a square dude with a suitcase” who’s just trying to sell you something and then, hey, “see ya later!”  Celine truly believes in educating people about the importance of Life Insurance and the fact that it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially for Newlyweds learning how to budget together for the first time.  The younger and healthier your are, the less expensive it can be.  It’s better to have something then nothing.  Celine’s wants to be as non-threatening or sales’y as possible.  AND she’s totally adorable!

What exactly is Life Insurance?  It is money that can help you pay for funeral costs and supplies you with an influx of cash when you need it most.  When you are experiencing horrible emotions, you don’t want to have to think about how to pay for funeral expenses.

It’s important for Newlyweds to have this conversation, especially if the are looking to buy a house and start a family.  Can the surviving spouse take care of the mortgage and other important things and continue to work?  These are things that we need to discuss in life.

Celine has been a Financial Professional with New York Life for the past 3 years with a few of her family members.  New York Life is statistically the oldest, largest, and strongest insurance company in the country.  They are over 170 years old!  They are owned by the policy holders themselves, who can voice their opinion at any time.

Favorite Move: Tommy Boy     Yeah!!!!!

Celine just so happens to be newly engaged herself and she has a few questions for other couples and wedding vendors!  She is curious to know:

  1. How do couples talk about Life Insurance?  Is this something that they even talk about?
  2. Celine would like to know how much the groom gets involved with wedding planning?  For this question I personally think that it depends on the bride and the groom.  Some brides may not want the groom to get involved at all.  Or, like a recent wedding I photographed, the groom did quite a lot hustling around the day of his wedding.  Which leads me to direct all of you newly engaged couples to my previous Featured Vendor Maddie Hughes who is a wedding planner with Ask For The Moon Events, and she can help take all of your stress away!

But back to Celine!

A few other wedding questions she has are:

3. Traditionally how much do people spend?

4. How to disperse the funds?

5. Is it okay to negotiate with vendors?

If you can help Celine out with any of these questions leave a comment below.

Other then that, Celine is a total sweetheart and I’ve never seen her with out a smile on her face.  If you are considering Life Insurance, or just need more information, consider Celine!

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