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My Inspirational Fashion Shoot with Nick and Julia!

Sometimes you just have to make things happen and stop procrastinating!  I will often have ideas for photo shoots that I’d like to do and I get super excited about them in my head but then trying to make them happen sounds like so much work that I will put it off, even though I know I will be so happy and inspired if I just do it.  Why do I do this?  Am I just lazy?

Anyway, there is this weird western themed strip mall not 5 minutes from my house and I have always thought that it would make a great backdrop for a photoshoot, but of course I would tell myself, yes I need to do that someday… Well, this place is now shutting down, so I had to stop procrastinating and make something happen!

So I called upon my good friend and fellow photographer Nick and his girlfriend Julia (who should be a model anyway) and asked them to model for my inspirational fashion shoot!  I also wanted to try out some different poses and just have fun!

I was also preparing for a wedding that I just shot in Palm Springs, so check back for those photos in the near future!


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